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"How To Spray Like a PRO Without Orange Peel, Dry Paint, Nasty Runs or Tiger Striping by Copying The Easy 5-Step R.A.D.S. Paint Formula!"

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Here's what you'll discover:

  • How to avoid orange peel so you can get smooth and glossy paint jobs every time!
  • ​Causes of dry/sandy texture paint and how to avoid them...
  • How to eliminate tiger-striping when spraying metallic or flakes...
  • ​How to prevent dreaded runs and sags while maintaining the wet wet-look!
  • ​How to master mixing ratios and paint viscosity with any brand paints...
  • ​Learn the correct air pressure settings and the proper flow of your spray gun..
  • Plus so much more in the R.A.D.S Paint Formula

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